Uses And Importance Of Computers

Things are changing rapidly as the world is progressing. In this modern world people are using machines to do their work. Computer is the most important and advanced machine in the world that is efficient, fast to use and a multitask machine .Computers are used in all the aspect of life, in research, teaching, accounting and as a tool of entertainment.

In the ancient years one machine was used to perform only one that slowly down the companies' production that's generating low income which contributes to unemployment. In the modern world computer is an importance tool especially in the business world. Huge amount of business time is saved due to the multitasking and the efficiency of the computer. In the business term time is money, so by saving time you are contributing to the growth of the company.

A computer can be used in the aspects of the world. In the medical field computers is used to diagnoses dangerous diseases and provide a solution in its prevention and its cure. In the manufacturing world advanced techniques are used with the help of a computer in manufacturing products whereas in the teaching world a computer is used by both the teachers and students in solving complex problem in their studies and as useful tool for research purposes. Most people become very dependent on the computer on which their work cannot survive the today's world without the use computer. Unlike all the other fields, the musical industry relies on this machine very much as almost all the musical track is made and released with the help of a computer.

Because of all the conveniences and comforts that the computer has given to the humans, almost all of their tasks have been simplified to a great extent. It's easy and faster to communication with people overseas as the computers with the help of internet has broken the barriers of communication, shorten the distances and lowered the cost as its easy through the help of internet installed in computer.

In this growing world a lot of people want their work to be done accurately and quickly. Computers have a source of employment to many individuals as most of the companies departments are dedicated to information technology. Many people fear that through the invention of computers manual work for example typing,posting of letters and manufacturing of files have led to unemployment has all this work has been taken over by one machine. This is not the case because new technology needs the continuous advance of new machines, data feeding equipment and electronic instruments, with this advancement and production its requires more and more people to carry out the job. In conclusion, computers have proved to be a good source of employment in both the commercial and the business world.
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