How to Secretly Control Someone's Mind

Warning: what you're about to learn is so POWERFUL, so SINISTER that some may see it as unethical...even evil.

Let me ask you a question, have you ever gone out somewhere and noticed how when two people...who seem to be close friends, always look like they're doing the same things as each other? I mean, like when they're sitting down at a table together for instance, one leans forward with their body...then a few seconds later the other person leans forward too to say something.

This is widely known among people who've studied this type of thing as the unconscious action called "mirroring". The thing is that not many people have taken into account that we mirror the people around us not only on a bodily level, but in mind also. We naturally and subconsciously adopt the attitude and state of the person or people we're talking to.

For proof of this, just remember a time when someone came up to you REALLY pissed off about something. Did it make you mad or did you calm them by bringing them to your state of mind? How about when you met up with someone who was really happy and goofy...didn't you smile, didn't you feel a little bit of their happiness in yourself? This is mental mirroring.

Let's just jump right into how we can use this as a tool since we're both two intelligent people here with a goal in mind.

When two people meet there is a person who's doing the pacing, and one who's doing the leading in a conversation. The leader will be the one giving the pacer things to mirror in conversation...by being more dominant, more outgoing, or simply stronger in mind (which will be our emphasis here) the leader naturally makes the pacer adopt his body language and mental states, attitudes, and if he is powerful enough...even his outlook on reality.

Effectively but unknowingly he is deploying mind control over people who are of lesser will than him.
Keeping a calm state of mind makes people more amiable to your suggestion because it makes him less likely to question you...much like a hypnotist putting his subject into a trance. Visualizing a bubble around you and your client, friend (victim?), also increases the likelihood that they will only hear you. Blocking out all distractions in your mind except for the person you're interacting with makes them do the same.

How we can make this even more covert is if we gradually go from one state to another. Nothing is more weird than a person who looks and acts one way than split shifts to another mood instantly...it's unstable, hard to follow, and generally not that charming. Gradual movement, from neutral feelings, to comfort, to happiness, to love is seductive...entrancing, and enthralling to those around us.
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