Secret Drawing Phone

Don’t you wish your boyfriend/girlfriend or someone to look over your phone book? Secret Drawing Phone can finish your wish!

  Secret Drawing Phone is a cool phone call app that allow you to have a secret phone book. Through this app, you can create a secret gesture for your secret friend’s phone number, and drawing the gesture on this app’s drawing board to make a phone call to her/him. In additional, you can also set a "Pass-gesture" for your phone book if you need. I bet you will love this app!

Features & Utilities:

* Create, edit, delete gestures for phone numbers
* Set a "Pass-gesture" for the phone book
* Make marks on specific phone numbers
* Elegant 
* Secret
* Easy to use

How to use:

1. Enter the secret phone book:

    Click the heart-button of the main page, or draw your "Pass-gesture" on main    page's drawing board.

2. Add a friend:

    Click the create button of phone book page.

3. Mark, edit or delete a friend:

    Click a friend at phone book page.

4.  Make a phone call to someone:

    Enter main page, then draw a gesture of someone on drawing board.
5. Set/Change a "Pass-gesture" for the phone book:

    Enter main page, then click the menu button of your android phone, choose "Set/Change Pass-

6. Change/Delete Pass-gesture:

    Click the Pass-Gesture at phone book page.

7. Reset Database:

    Enter main page, then click the menu button of your android phone, choose "Reset Database".

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Elegant notepad

Elegant notepad is an elegant, efficient and easy way to keep notes on your phone. 

  With Elegant notepad, you haven’t to write down notes in a paper and carry it around with you forever!

Features & Utilities:

* Create, edit, delete notes
* Search notes by date
* Make marks on specific notes
* Elegant
* Easy to use

How to use:

1. Create a new document:
    Click "CREATE" button of main page.

2. Read a Document:
    Click a document of document list.

3. Edit/Delete a doucument:
    Long click a document of document list.

4. Search all documents or search documents by date:     Click "MONTH/TOTAL" button of main page.

5. Search all/marked documents:
    Click "MARK" button of main page.

6. Reset Database:
    Click the menu button of your android phone, choose "Reset Database".

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Elegant Task Killer

If you often feel your phone runs slowly or battery is exhausted soon, you should install Elegant Task Killer to free memories and manage your phone system's running apps.

  There are many types of task killer apps with various utilities on the app market, but them usually consume high CPU and memory resource by themselves. For this reason, we developed Advanced Task Killer+, it is very efficient and only consume very low CPU and memory resource, I bet you will love it.

The main advantages of Elegant Task Killer:
* High efficiency
* very low CPU and memory resource usage
* Speed up your phone
* Save battery

* Frequency Option (Free)
* Security Option (Free)
* Ignore list
* Automatic
* Easy to use

App states:

Killable: able to be killed by auto-task kill service
UnKillable: unable to be killed by auto-task service

How to use:

 1. Kill apps:

   Select apps and click "Kill Selected Apps" button.

2. Switch on/off auto service:
   Click "Auto-On/Auto-Off" button.

3. Refresh running apps:

    Click "Refresh" button.

4. View app information/execute app:

    Click a app of the running app list 

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How to Secretly Control Someone's Mind

Warning: what you're about to learn is so POWERFUL, so SINISTER that some may see it as unethical...even evil.

Let me ask you a question, have you ever gone out somewhere and noticed how when two people...who seem to be close friends, always look like they're doing the same things as each other? I mean, like when they're sitting down at a table together for instance, one leans forward with their body...then a few seconds later the other person leans forward too to say something.

This is widely known among people who've studied this type of thing as the unconscious action called "mirroring". The thing is that not many people have taken into account that we mirror the people around us not only on a bodily level, but in mind also. We naturally and subconsciously adopt the attitude and state of the person or people we're talking to.

For proof of this, just remember a time when someone came up to you REALLY pissed off about something. Did it make you mad or did you calm them by bringing them to your state of mind? How about when you met up with someone who was really happy and goofy...didn't you smile, didn't you feel a little bit of their happiness in yourself? This is mental mirroring.

Let's just jump right into how we can use this as a tool since we're both two intelligent people here with a goal in mind.

When two people meet there is a person who's doing the pacing, and one who's doing the leading in a conversation. The leader will be the one giving the pacer things to mirror in conversation...by being more dominant, more outgoing, or simply stronger in mind (which will be our emphasis here) the leader naturally makes the pacer adopt his body language and mental states, attitudes, and if he is powerful enough...even his outlook on reality.

Effectively but unknowingly he is deploying mind control over people who are of lesser will than him.
Keeping a calm state of mind makes people more amiable to your suggestion because it makes him less likely to question you...much like a hypnotist putting his subject into a trance. Visualizing a bubble around you and your client, friend (victim?), also increases the likelihood that they will only hear you. Blocking out all distractions in your mind except for the person you're interacting with makes them do the same.

How we can make this even more covert is if we gradually go from one state to another. Nothing is more weird than a person who looks and acts one way than split shifts to another mood instantly...it's unstable, hard to follow, and generally not that charming. Gradual movement, from neutral feelings, to comfort, to happiness, to love is seductive...entrancing, and enthralling to those around us.
Is this interesting to you at all? This is just the tip of the iceberg in dealing with people, using your mind to bring you more friends, happiness, and power. You should seriously check out my free Ebook Charisma 101: The Beginner's Guide to Popularity CLICK HERE now to get your free copy now while they're still free for the limited time of this market study.
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"Twilight" Book Review

Twilight is a wonderfully imaginative and believable fiction novel written by author Stephenie Meyer. Bella, a teenage girl hailing from Phoenix, makes the decision to leave her beloved home town and all of her friends. She heroically sacrifices her happiness for that of her mother, because her new and adored step-father Phil, is a professional baseball player. She moves to a town called Forks, on the dreary Olympic Peninsula to live with her father, Charlie, so that her mother can be free to travel with her new husband Phil.

The town of Forks is where the story truly begins. As it unfolds, we find Bella being highly agitated, annoyed and frustrated , but also extremely attracted and curious about the mysterious Edward Cullen, who attends her new high school. There is something strangely curious about Edward and his four other siblings. They are all remarkably beautiful. They always sit alone in the cafeteria, and never eat or drink anything. His hands are so cold, and his eyes dramatically change color.

Edward warns Bella that it is not safe for her to be around him, but does not heed his own warning. Edward realizes that the intensity of their passion could drive him over the edge and put Bella's life in danger. He lusts for her blood because he is a vampire! They share an irresistible attraction for each other, and cannot keep apart from each other, despite the danger. It is through this dangerously necessary relationship that Bella and Edward fall in love. She learns Edwards family guarded secret. They are all vampires! Despite the blood-lust that Bella arouses, she is safe with Edward and his family not only because of Edwards love for her, but because the family patriarch has sworn the family to renounce human prey.

Edward and his family become entwined in a desperate struggle to protect and preserve the life of the fragile human Bella, when a group of rogue tracker vampires fixate on her. They will do anything to taste her blood, and will stop at nothing until they have her.

Will Edward and the members of his family be able to control the instinct aroused within them? Will they be able to save Bella from the rogues?

This novel is highly suggested with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you enjoy reading Harry Potter, you will enjoy the imaginative brilliance of Stephenie Meyers' Twilight . It is a fantastic read that is hard to put down once you start!
By: Lily Andrews
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Taiwan Personals - The Greatest Manual for Finding Singles in Taiwan

Are you currently single? Are you looking for somebody just like you or may be someone who shares your interests? If you're living in Taiwan, you then don't need to look too much. There are many Taiwan dating sites that can assist you find not just somebody you'd prefer to date but additionally many who you could be buddies with.

There are lots of singles in Taiwan like you in search of the partner or a friend. You are able to meet these individuals on online dating web sites and you are able to discover precisely the kind of person you have always needed. Dating in Taiwan is amazing and out of the world. Taiwan is really a beautiful country and the people there are known globally for their fantastic looks. It's thus, no wonder why people are extremely much interested in singles in Taiwan.

You will find particular things although that you should know or adopt or learn prior to heading for dating in Taiwan. You need to know how to impress. Learning their language and culture will take you places in dating in Taiwan. Preparation is a must. You need to be interactive and not come across as a dull individual. But again, you should not maintain chattering absent non-stop both. Just a little friendly humor in your chat could be just right. 1 much more thing to keep in thoughts would be to make the other individual really feel comfortable. If it is a Taiwan lady that you're searching for particularly, this really is extremely essential. Remember that you can only make her really feel comfortable when you are comfortable initial.

So, in the event you truly are interested you then don't really have to fly down towards the nation to discover singles in Taiwan. The computer and also the web would be the crucial. The web has helped us out amazingly in nearly every aspect of our existence and it has pretty a lot become an integral component of our living. Then, why not get its aid to search for somebody we may actually wind up falling in love with? For dating in Taiwan, there are lots of Taiwan chat rooms and there are also many Taiwan personals that you could skim through. Do not allow language be the barrier. Learn it - learn the basics a minimum of. There are lots of ways, again on the web that are simple and can teach you Taiwanese effortlessly. Language exchange can also be a fantastic choice. You educate them your language and they educate you theirs. In that way, you interact, you discover and you've fun as well!

In the event you take the initiative and acquire curiosity in their language, it'll quite clearly please them - this is another method to impress. Enthusiasm requires you a long way! If this does not function out, you can always get assist from your Google Translator. Simple! If you really are severe, then you must start searching for Taiwan personals. You will find numerous advertisements about dating in Taiwan and you are able to choose according to your convenience. You could join a particular dating in Taiwan website. It is simple. There's no gender, race, community, and nation bar. You can register for free and go via profiles of different singles in Taiwan and therefore, choose who you'd wish to get to know up and personal.

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Become An App Developer And Make Money

An app stands for application and is a piece of software that is designed to run on a mobile platform. There are two primary platforms for app development that currently have a high earning potential. These are Apple's iOS and Google's Android. As of June 2011 Apple iOS hosts over 511,000 published apps with Google Android hosting over 206,000 published apps. Other platforms for app development include the Blackberry OS by research in Motion (RIM) and Windows Mobile by Microsoft. However, these platforms are lagging behind the two main rivals.

The two types of apps you will see in most app stores are FREE apps and PAID apps. Many apps available for download come free of charge which raises the obvious question of how do I make money if my app is free? There are two main streams of income for offering your apps free of charge. The first is advertising which relies on targeted ads such as Google AdSense or affiliate links which are inserted into the apps content. No one wants to have ads cluttering the content so it is important to place them in an area that will be noticed, but not so much so that they get in the way. Another option is to offer your app for free but withhold certain features or functions which would appeal to the user and entice them to consider purchasing the full version. If going down this route it is important not to put all your eggs into one basket so to speak. If you offer too much in the free version users will have no need to purchase. Although there is no rule to say you can not use both options at the same time. If you wish to charge outright for your app make sure you set a reasonable price that is realistic. Charge too much and you price yourself out of the market. Charge too little and you run the risk of devaluing your app.

Do I have to be a qualified developer to make apps? Well, this is not entirely the case as Google have launched App Inventor which allows almost anyone to create an Andoid app with little to no programming knowledge. It is great for making things such as basic games however, there are many limitations to what you can actually accomplish using this software. In order to create something a little more complex some experience of coding is needed.

What resources do I require in order to learn how to create app? There are literally thousands of books, ebooks, YouTube videos and online articles that teach and share information on this topic. Many Colleges and University courses cover the subject in detail but you do not necessarily need to go down the formal route to be a successful developer.

What is involved in developing an app? First of all you have the front end which is all the visual and audio elements such as images, movies, buttons, text, sounds and music. This is what users will see when the app is running.

Why not just hire someone else to create an app for me? If you have brainstormed and have an idea with a plausible gap in the market then this is also an option. Many freelance design and developers advertise their services online but bare in mind that paying someone else to design and develop an app is never going to be cheap so be prepared to invest in order to gain results.

How to I test my app before publishing? Take the time to go and review the back-end coding and test the front end functions. One of the best way to do this is to release a beta copy. You will want to ensure your app is working correctly and operational with all known glitches and errors corrected before general release. This brings me to the next step of getting your app vetted for approval. There is nearly always a criteria set for approval and rejection for apps submitted. The vetting rules and guidelines vary depending on the platform.

Is my app useful and does it fulfill a need or purpose? This is a key question to ask because if users see no benefit purchasing and downloading your app then nine times out of ten they simply won't bother. It is equally crucial for your app to look attractive and desirable otherwise users will become quickly put off and lose interest. Then you have the back-end which involves all the coding and functionality. Make sure the code is clean, concise and above all else WORKS.

How do I market my app? Most platforms handle a lot of the marketing side for you but it is important to get your keywords and description right as his can make or break your apps success.

What coding language are apps written in? Android, Blackberry OS, Windows Mobile and other platforms such as Bada and Symbian are primarily written in JAVA code. C++ is commonly used for Apple's iOS. It is important to remember that Apple's iOS does not support Flash. One constraint to developing apps for iOS is the fact the developer must own a MAC to do so unlike most other platforms.

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Mobile Apps - Why Is Android Mobile Application Development Becoming Very Popular

The world of mobile applications has just started evolving and we are already witnessing stiff competition, especially between Google which is the leader of the group that has launched Android) and Apple Inc, which is the manufacturer of iPhone, iPad and iPod. Apple got the advantage of launching its smart phone earlier than Google, but on the other hand Google is said to be the undisputed leader among the search engines.
The Android applications can add a number of features to your mobile phone and convert it to a smart phone. Some of the factors that prompt the popularity of the Android applications are as follows.

•The Software development kit (SDK) for Android application development is designed and made available through Google. There is a wide variety of tools in the SDK. The SDK includes the operating systems, middleware and APIs that are needed to start developing the Android application.

•Android is an open source platform so the costs of designing the Android app are drastically reduced. Moreover if you are stuck anywhere when designing the application, there is a big community of Android followers to resolve your issue.

•There are many core applications inside the SDK. This makes the task of the Android app developer quite easy. The SDK includes a handset emulator, tools for debugging, several utility functions, several business functions and other features too. This facilitates the application developer with a wide array of alternatives. It is the SDK that provides the platform for developing an application that offers better experience for the end-user.

•The SDK is so advanced that the application developer has greater control over the features to be incorporated into the final Android application.

•The open source platform allows the application developer to easily distribute the completed application. Once completed, the finished application is sure to be very user friendly.

•When developing the Android mobile application, the designer is facilitated with P2P communication with the assistance of Google Talk. The designer can store the data with the help of SQLite.

•The designer with the help of Android app development kit can publish an application and export it to be used by others too.

•The Android app can be integrated with GPS, touch screen and video camera.

•The SDK is equipped with quite a big library with books about GPS, Touch screen, and video camera.

•The SDK enjoys the support of WiFi support as well as the Bluetooth and has a library of a number of 2D and 3D supporters.

•With the Android SDK you can develop customized Android apps for sale or free distribution to particular clients or the public in general.

•The Android application development facilitates the application developer, the business and the final user too.

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Spinx, a Professional Android Application Development company, is expert at Mobile Applications Development including Android App, iPhone App and Blackberry Apps Development services.
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Writing Apps for Android or iPhone

OK. So you've heard all about Apps for Mobile devices. And you've heard of all the millions that some App developers have earned by creating utilities, games, or tools. Which platform should you build it on? And why?

According to a survey, around 90% of the mobile App sales are attributed to iPhone Apps. The total amount spent on Apps comes to about US$4.2 billion in 2009, comprising about 2.5billion App downloads for that year. As smartphones and related devices grow in popularity, the Apple market domination is expected to be challenged by Android Apps.

There are 100 million Android mobile devices activated worldwide, 400,000 new devices activated each day. The explosive growth means that the estimated 200,000 Android apps at present is likely to overtake the number of iPhone Apps eventually. Other App stores are also available: Motion's App World for Blackberry devices, Nokia's Ovi Store and Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace.

iPhone Apps Platform
If you're an iPhone-aholic, here are some reasons for developing iPhone Apps:

1. You only need to cater for specific, limited number of devices - the iPhone, or iPad. There is not a plethora of different types of phones and screen sizes to cater for. So you needn't test your Apps on a multitude of different devices.

2. The free iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) makes it easy to do development work. The development can be done using Objective-C.

3. The App Store - You get to list your Apps on it, and Apple takes care of hosting, credit-card processing, downloading, and notifying users of updates. Apple also reviews and filters out Apps for inclusion, which means you need to make sure your App is of good quality before it can be accepted and launched.

Android Apps and Other Platforms
On the other hand, there are compelling reasons for developing on other platforms such as Android too:

1. Platforms such as Android are an open-source, Linux-based platform. This means anyone can access the code that drives the system. You can explore the operating system itself and its APIs. Hence there is no censorship for your App by any specific device manufacturing or service provider.

2. Development for Android is done using Java, which is is a powerful and widely-used language.

3. Some developers find it easier to get their Apps approved on the Android Market, since there is no lengthy approval process involved.

Whichever platform you choose, if you are you excited by the revenue-generating possibilities, then you should seriously consider developing Apps. How do you go about getting started? Well, that's a topic for another Article.
Adema Richards is a keen follower of Mobile App trends, and an active member of the App development community at http://www.apptoolskit.com/.
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Android Market Versus Apple App Store

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the differences between Apple's iPhone and phones based on Google's Android. While these discussions typically center on hardware, usability and the operating system, they rarely discuss the differences between the Android Market vs. the Apple App Store. There are a number of differences between the two, some of which primarily matter to end-users and others that matter primarily to developers.

Open vs. Closed System. The single biggest difference between the Android Market and the Apple App Store is the difference between an open and a closed system. Apple's system is a closed one. Applications must be submitted to Apple for review and Apple ultimately decides what may or may not be sold in the Apple App Store. In contrast, Android Market is an open system. Developers can directly publish their applications to the market without having them filtered through a central authority. This means that the Android Market is likely to have a greater variety of applications and content but end-users have to accept that the applications are not being screened. There is a definite trade off. The Android Market does support a community rating and comments section, however, which helps buffer against poorly designed or malicious applications.

Refunds. Another big difference between Android Market and the Apple App Store deals with paid applications. The former allows an end-user to obtain a refund by uninstalling the application within 24 hours of purchase. This makes it much safer as an end-user to purchase an application. If you buy an app that does not work properly or does not seem to meet your need, uninstall it within 24 hours and you get a full refund. The Apple App Store does not offer refunds on applications, so while the applications are screened by Apple, it is still buyer beware. You need to make sure an application will meet your needs before you purchase it.

Developer Initiation Fee. Another notable feature that distinguishes the two stores is how much it costs a developer to join. Android Market charges a fee of $25 to sign up as a developer. This fee then allows you to publish your apps in the market. The Apple App Store charges $99 to become a developer. Keep in mind that paying this fee does not mean your application will get added to the app store. Apple reviews all applications for acceptance so paying the fee does not guarantee that your app will be published. Both markets charge 30% of any paid application sales. Apple keeps this 30% while Google pays the 30% to the wireless carriers. This may result in greater cooperation from and adoption by wireless carriers for Android.

Competition. For a developer trying to get a new application noticed, there is less competition in Android Market. Currently Android Market hosts about 20,000 applications while the Apple app store has over 100,000 applications. There is a lot more room for new and innovative applications in the Android market.
There are a number of differences between the Android market vs. the Apple app store. Some of these differences matter more to developers and others to end-users. Being an open system and offering refunds to end-users makes the Android market a great asset for end-users. The openness ensures a greater variety of offerings and the ability to get a refund makes trying a paid application a low-risk venture. For developers, Android offers a lower cost to get started and an arena with much less competition in which to make your application stand out.
LearnComputer! (learncomputer.com) provides instructor-led Android training courses for individuals, small businesses, and corporations. Please see our computer training catalog for complete details!
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Top 10 Android Apps You Can't Live Without

There are tens of thousands of Android applications available in the marketplace so choosing just 10 of the best apps is a very difficult job. However, we've gone through hundreds of different apps and compiled these top 10 Android apps that you can't live without.

Handcent SMS
The default Android messaging app is ok, but Handcent SMS is better. Way better. You can customize the layout of your messages, view the messages in conversation format, password protect your messages and spell check messages before you send it. This should be the first app that you install!

Just like the Android messaging app, the keyboard app is also ok, but BetterKeyboard lives up to its name by being miles better. With true multi-touch ability, proximity correction and a number of skins available; once you go Better you'll never go back.

Snap Photo Pro
Sack the default Android camera app and splash out 99 cents on this little beauty. Snap Photo Pro lets you take multiple shots at a click of a button which is great for catching natural expressions, a digital stabilizer which is useful if you have shaky hands, a digital zoom and there are multiple digital filters you can apply to the photo.

When it comes to pimping out your Android a unique ringtone is essential. RingDroid will let you edit MP3 files and slice out that catchy chorus or the really cool intro. Eye of the Tiger intro anyone?

Launcher Pro
The ultimate dashboard management app. Launcher Pro gives you 7 home screens to fill up with widgets and customize to your delight. It has super smooth scrolling between screens and can even handle 3D graphics for that extra cool look.

Norton Mobile Security
It's a scary world out there folks but Norton acts like your personal body guard defending your phone from intrusions and malware. It can even remotely disable and delete data if you ever have your phone stolen so those filthy thieves can't extract any personal data from it.

Angry Birds
We know that everyone is going crazy about Angry Birds and there is a good reason for it! This very simple game will draw you in and before you know it your morning commute won't last nearly long enough as you play the ever harder levels to defeat the greedy piggies.

Amazon Kindle
Get Amazon's Kindle without buying a Kindle. This app will let you read thousands of free ebooks right on your Android phone. Perfect for when you need a breather from Angry Birds.

Google Maps with Navigation
Download this app and you'll wonder how you ever survived without it. You can giveaway your Tom Tom because everything you need is now in this free app. Simply key in or say where you want to go and it will find the best direction for you to take.

Take control of your finances with this pocket sized financial tracker. You can keep tabs on all your checking, savings and credit accounts and find out just why you seem to have no money left at the end of each month. Invaluable if you find yourself overspending all the time.

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How to Have Fun in Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is a popular tourist destination for those who travel to Taiwan. This remarkable city is a famous tourist, economical, industrial and shopping center. It is the place where you can find numerous attractions, modern shopping centers and interesting museums. When you are going to visit this cosmopolitan city, you will find there are numerous opportunities for fun and entertainment. You can practice your favorite watersports, relax in the modern spa centers, visit the numerous restaurants and nightclubs or just sightseeing.

For those who prefer to learn more about the culture of Taipei, there are amazing art galleries and temples which are worth visiting.

Hotels in Taipei are comfortable and cozy and will offer you excellent accommodation in Taipei for your vacation. People are friendly and visiting some of the night markets and street markets can be a lot of fun as well.

Here are some ideas how you can have fun in Taipei.
1. Hot Springs and SPA- Taipei is an ideal destination for your relaxing vacation in some of its amazing spa centers. Hell Valley, Hwa Yi Chuen, and Peitou Hot Springs Park are the best known hot springs areas and are within easy reach. Many of the natural hot springs are also taken advantage of, where resorts have set up spas so that guests can enjoy being pampered. There you can enjoy different spa procedures, as well as professional massages.

2. Songshan Nature Reserve- this amazing reserve is located close to the town and offers excellent entertainment for the whole family. There are some nice walking trails and plenty of hills from which to steal views. Rustic temples and dense foliage populate the park along with the four main hills: Tiger's Head, Elephant Mountain, Lady Finger, and Nine-Five Peak. This place is also great for a family picnic.

3. Beaches- if you are a fan of the beaches Paishawan Beach is just north of town and gets crowded during the cool November through February dry season. The beach is good for swimming and water sports action and is easily reached. White Sand Beach, Chinshan Beach and Fulong Beach are also popular beaches in the area.

4. Golf- golf maniacs will find some great golf courses here. Some of the most popular are the Pearl Height Golf and Country Club, Taiwan Golf and Country Club, and Tan Shui Golf and Country Club. This game is much popular here and you will find really wonderful facilities.

5. Taipei Film House- visiting this amazing place is a real a must when visiting Taipei. It is an art center with a difference. It screens independent films and comes with loads of café s and restaurants and has a pleasant garden and balconies to mingle. Admission is free.

6. Nightlife- Anho Road in eastern Taipei has some of the best nightlife in town, loaded as it is with bars and restaurants. The so-called combat zone in Zhongshan also has a load of bars, while the older Ximending is one of coffee shops and quieter retreats. Although the Taiwanese eat early, bars often stay open until three or four in the morning, but be aware that alcohol and nightclubs are expensive.

When you want to stay in Taipei for several days you can book online hotel in Taipei in advance and get the best discounted rates for your unforgettable holiday.
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Some Useful Guidelines to Date Taiwanese Women

Taiwanese girls are extremely attractive and good looking and if you by any chance want to try dating one of them, here are some tips that you could do with which will make your task easier.

The most important task is to first create a good impression about yourself. Remember that Taiwan culture is completely different from the Western culture and on of the main things you should attempt to do is to blend into their culture. For this you will have to learn more about their culture and what they expect from people.

Taiwan singles are usually very attracted to westerners and so you just have to maintain a good rapport with them for your dating chances to progress successfully. Taiwanese girls love talking about their families and so remember to enquire about their personal bonds.

Try to be witty and humorous as they enjoy a sense of humor in their men. Make it a point not to go on commenting about their beauty as they may feel that you have some other intention behind your praise. Get to know them well by starting a conversation where the girl feels at home and comfortable.

Another way in which you could look for Taiwanese women to date is to look into dating websites in Taiwan. There are a lot of such sites that are filled with both men and women who are looking for dates. So you just have to visit one of these sites and search for some one who will suit your requirements. These sites also include people who are looking for marriage partners.

Always remember that you are from an entirely different background and culture, so learn to treat her differently. The Taiwan personals are not in any way like the American or European girls. Her views may be very diverse, so tread carefully. These girls get to like you if you happen to have many Asian friends, so try to have a wider social circle of such people.
You can take the help of Taipei Dating sites to connect with gorgeous singles from that area. These sites are free to join and you can contact Taipei Girls soon after the free registration.
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Get to Know Taiwan Dating Culture Before Dating Taiwan Girls

Have you ever been unsuccessful in dating Taiwan girls? If so this could be due to the fact that you have not got to know much about them or their culture. What you have to learn before attempting to date Taiwanese women or girls is that they have an extremely rich cultural heritage and that they are very different from European or American girls.

Taiwan dating is not as easy as you think. You may be successful in getting them out once, but unless you can really impress them you can be sure that they will not come out with you again. Get to know their background well before taking them out so that you will be in a position to understand them better.

Generally the women folk in Taiwan are very attached to their families, so they will be thrilled if you show some interest in her family. Get her to talk about the members in the family and ensure that you show genuine interest in them too. They have strong familial bonds and have great respect for one another.

These girls are open, friendly and fun loving, so make sure that you are humorous and smart when dealing with them. The girls in this part of the world love to know that you have other Asian friends, so if you do, ensure that you make her know about them. When dating them see that they are at ease and have no problem chatting with you.

Other than direct dating you also have a number of online Taiwan dating sites where you will find that lots of Taiwan girls and women have registered. So if you register in one of these sites you can get to know the different people from their profiles and choose one who may catch your fancy. Once you get to know her well, them maybe you could think of seeing her face to face and become more familiar. You can never say where this could lead and for all you know it may culminate in your tying the nuptial knot!
Taiwan girls are extremely beautiful and friendly. Even though you live far from the place, you can rely on Taiwan dating culture and sites to make friendship with these women.
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Taiwan Women - Join Taiwan Dating Now

So you want to try and find the right woman for you, and your ideal girl happens to be a Taiwan Woman, and yet you can only do so by joining Taiwan social networking sites in order for you to start meeting different Taiwan women. Joining the Taiwan dating scene now is not as hard as you think it is. It is actually easier now, thanks to the internet.

As we all know it, the internet has been successful in bridging the gaps no matter where you are in this world. Let's say you are from the USA, talking to someone from Taiwan is not as hard as it was decades ago. With the help of the internet, you can chat with almost anyone from any part of this world. That's the beauty of being connected through the internet

Now, if you truly want to start finding the right girl for you, all you have to do is to start joining Taiwan friend finder, and start to meeting Taiwan women. It is actually similar to famous social networking web sites, only that most of the members there are Taiwan singles that are basically looking for new friends from around the globe. If you are afraid that the language barrier may hold you or the other person on the next end from getting to know each other well, worry no more. As learning the said language is also not that hard. Not to mention that you will also find lots of people there who are very willing to translate something for you, in case someone strikes a conversation in their native tongue.

You on the other hand, can start teaching them about your language. So make it a two way learning not just for you, but for them as well. Meeting new friends via the internet is not new. In fact, there are thousands and thousands of friendships and even marriages that started off online via a chat room. You may even have a friend or family member, who met their special, someone through the internet.

The success stories from dating web sites, is surprisingly high. People from the west are meeting people from the east, and are actually ending up in a good relationship

One of the best things in being able to meet another person from another part of the world is that, you can always come as you are. Meaning, you do not even have to dress up and prep up for your first meeting or chat. You can also do so at your most comfortable time and at home.
So if you truly want to find and meet Taiwan women, your best bet is to go online and find the best taiwan dating websites available today and join Taiwan dating online now!
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Japan and The National Delicacies

In Japan, the national delicacies are often very important and special to a family. Families will only cook these dishes for the most special holidays and events. Many times they are saved for weddings or other cultural celebration events.

Most of the Japanese delicacies involve seafood of some sort. One of the most interesting of the group is Fugu. This is the poisonous puffer fish that is often used in Japanese meals. Because the fish is so poisonous, there are only a number of chefs in the world who are allowed to sell and serve the fish. This is because they must remove the toxic parts of the fish first.

Sake kawa is another of the Japanese delicacies that you may want to try. It is actually salmon skin that is often tossed aside by other countries in their traditional meals. However, in Japan it is considered a delicacy and is often fried and used in egg rolls or seafood rolls.

Odori Ebi is a Japanese delicacy that only the toughest people can handle. It is actually live prawns. The prawns are usually used in a sushi of sorts. They are often dunked in sake so the prawns will be a little sedated, but they are very much alive and will move around as you eat them.

These delicacies of Japan might seem a little unfamiliar and different to those of different countries however they are very much loved in Japan. They are usually quite expensive and only used in the most important meals of the culture.
Check out some sample Ind
ian recipes [http://www.shaadibliss.com/india/indian-recipes/index.html] that are easy and low fat.
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Mobile Application Development For Android

The Android platform has taken a significant amount of market share, and by some measures has surpassed the iPhone as the dominant smartphone worldwide. While expansion of the iPhone's carrier base may retake some market share for Apple, there is little doubt that the Android is here to stay -and any developer wanting a serious position in the marketplace must develop for this platform.

The software development kit, available from Google, gives app developers a rich set of tools for creating apps, including the OS, middleware, and several development tools. The SDK also includes all the APIs needed to get started right away with Android software development. Because Android is an open platform, developers have many more options in hand, and potentially a very broad market. The Android platform is truly in a class of its own. In addition to being an open source, mobile platform, it support for Java is attractive to many developers.

The SDK itself includes several core applications, which make developing Android software development a snap. In addition to sample code clips, the SDK comes with debugging tools and a handset emulator, and several business and utility functions and features. The inclusion of this vast set of tools not only gives the developer more options and an easy path to development, it also lays the groundwork for a richer end-user experience. Because the developer has these tools at his or her disposal, the end result will be a software program with more features, which is easier to use.

And on the developer's side, the developers themselves will enjoy greater control over features in the end product. And finally, once the application is complete, developers can easily distribute applications through the open source platform. And of course, the rich feature set means that the end product is always user friendly-something always appreciated by users of mobile apps.

Just a few of the advantages of the Android software development platform include the availability of data storage with SQLite, P2P communication with Google Talk, and the ability to publish an app for export and signing. It can be integrated with touchscreen, GPS, and a video camera, and it includes a comprehensive 2D and 3D graphics library as well as Bluetooth and WiFi support.

Android handily meets the challenges faced by application developers, as well as the demands of savvy consumers. Using this platform, developers are able to create any type of custom app, either for distribution and sale to the general public, or for a specific client.
Zdenek Hejl is specialist at Memos Outsourcing. Memos Outsourcing is custom software development company based in Prague and Minsk, Belarus. If you demand quality custom mobile application development at affordable price please contact us.
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Android Application Development: Top 5 Must-Have Android Apps

Smartphones make life very easy, and they also make it possible for the users to work more efficiently and rapidly. The number of things your smartphone can do increases in direct proportion to the number of good applications you have installed on it. This article discusses the five best applications that Android OS users can install on their devices. Android OS has rapidly cornered a large portion of the smartphone market, and Android application development is almost as popular as iPhone application development. Today, Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones and tablets all over the world. Smartphone users are known for their keenness toward apps, and developers around the world are working overtime to create innovative, entertaining and useful apps for Android users.

While most people with smartphones are completely aware of the apps in the market and know what apps they want, there are many new users who cannot really decide upon the right apps for their smartphone. While is almost impossible to choose the five best apps for Android, there are some apps that have cemented their place in the hearts of Android smartphone users. The following are, in my opinion, the five best and most ubiquitous Android apps, and you are not taking full advantage of your phone if your phone does not have these apps.

Google Voice
This is, arguably, the best application for people who use Android smartphones. It is the pride of Android users and the envy of iPhone enthusiasts (iPhone does not allow its subscribers to use the voice version of this app). Using Google Voice you can call a number of different places, access you text messages on the internet, and also hear your voicemail on the internet. On top of this, you can use this app and make calls using your smartphone, and at the same time make it look like you are calling from your Google Voice number. This app shows why android application development is the best!

This is the almost-perfect internet streaming radio station for Android users who love music. If you make a habit of using your smartphone as an iPod, this application will bring all your musical fantasies to life. You can create personalized, personal radio stations by entering the names of songs or artists in the search box; Pandora will search for similar artists and play similar songs on the radio station all day long!

Amazon Kindle
If it is reading you are interested in and not music, Amazon Kindle will make it possible for you to read conveniently using your Android smartphone. Reading long texts on your smartphone is never going to be a pleasant experience, but using this app you can read a book anytime you want.

Google Sky Map
Google Maps and Google Satellite are important applications that let you do a number of things, but if you are looking for a fun and entertaining app that lets you understand the night skies, Google Sky Map is made for you. All you need to do is point your smartphone at the sky and the phone will tell you what planet or star you are looking at!

This is the best and simplest utility app ever created by an Android application development team. Not only does this app make it easy for you to save any scrap of information in audio or data format, it even lets you search for relevant data and take all kinds of notes. Additionally, this application will also let you synchronize the data with almost all your other machines!
TriForce is Web development Company. We are best in Android application development and BlackBerry application development, also very affordable rates. Contact at info@triforce.co.in
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Android for Mobile Application Development

When it comes to creating an application for your business, some of the most popular choices include Android application development and an app for the iPhone. Many users and businesses think that the iPhone is a better choice because it is the market leader in terms of application volume. However, Android application development may be the better option for you.

First of all, Android has come a long way since the opening of its application store, the Android Market. Almost every major developer is releasing their applications for both the iPhone and Android. Because of this, Android is catching up quickly and growing at a very fast rate. In addition, all the latest smartphones are using the Android engine and there are more Android users now.

Secondly, Android is open source. This allows developers and users to customize Android to their liking. This is one of the reasons why Android is gaining an edge with developers who can write software according to their rules and are not limited by the operating system.

Because of its open source nature, Android may be the better choice for companies. Should the company want to go with Android application development, they will have many options available to them that will also allow their staff to make the customizations they need. These customizations may be key in helping staff maximize the application as they will be able to use it according to their role in the company.

Fourth, the good thing about Android is that it supports Flash. While it isn't perfect and may not display everything correctly, it does a pretty good job. Flash videos are currently not supported on the iPhone. So if your development plans include Flash, then you may want to go with the Android operating system.
Finally, you can integrate Gmail and Google Calendar with the Android. Many people use these two applications and will benefit from going with the Android. Although this may not be a big deal for a lot of users, those that use these apps regularly will want to go with the OS that allows them access.

More and more phones are using the Android operating system and many prefer Android because it allows many options for users. So if you want to develop an app, you may want to go with Android Application Development although it always helps to have an app on multiple platforms.
For more information about Android application development, visit Magenic Technologies who have been providing innovative custom software development to meet unique business challenges for some of the most recognized companies and organizations in the nation.
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What's Better for Business - iPhone or Android Apps?

The popularity of mobile applications, or apps, has caused businesses of all types to try their hand at the mobile market. Creating a mobile app that ties in with your business can be a smart move, but it's not without some risk. Not only that, but knowing which of the two most popular mobile platforms to develop for can be a tricky decision to make.

Developing a Mobile App - Pros & Cons
Before creating an app for your business, it's important to make sure it's a good investment by weighing the benefits versus the drawbacks.

- Provides better customer service, allowing users to access your business directly from their phone.
- Shows your business is modern
- Provides your business with more exposure by essentially advertising your company to anyone that browses the app store on their phone.

- Requires a significant investment that may offer your business no additional revenue.
- Highly competitive app market means your app may not be downloaded.
- Very difficult to develop a mobile app that perfectly fits your business.

The iPhone
Once you've determined that a mobile app is a right fit, you'll have to choose which platform you want to release it on. The iPhone, due to its massive popularity, may seem like an obvious choice. For one, it has a huge install base that loves to download apps. Secondly, your app can be developed to work on any iPhone since they all have the same specifications. It does have its share of problems, however. For one, the iPhone app store is very competitive. The iPhone app store is significantly larger than the Android market, meaning you have less of a chance at competing. Secondly, while growth is high now for the iPhone, the market for Android-based phones is just beginning and growing at an exponential rate.

Android Phones
The main reason to choose to develop an app for the Android market is due to its growing user base. It has a huge install base of potential customers that continues to grow. Secondly, there is less competition in the Android market, giving your app a better chance to shine. Conversely, while the Android market share is widening, it is spread across hundreds of different phones. Making an app that works with all of them can therefore be tricky. Secondly, despite a large market share, the overall number of apps downloaded to Android phones is dwarfed by that of those downloaded to the iPhone. Even with no competition, your app still might not get downloaded.

If you are sure you want to develop a mobile app for your business, you're currently better off developing for the iPhone. It's overall simpler to develop for, it has a large install base, and its users are known to download a lot of apps. If your iPhone app is a success, however, consider creating an Android app to match. It's a growing market for website development that shouldn't be ignored.
Graeme is writing on behalf of oneagency.co Web Development & Web Development Agency
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How To Attract Women and Men

Many of you would like to know the answer to the question, how to attract women and men. Do you think that there are really steps on how to do this? Well, you are wrong. Besides being good looking and nice, we can never really tell how we can easily attract a certain someone.

What you must understand is that each and every one has their own taste in people. Others love good girls while some loves bad boys. The only thing that you can do to figure out how to attract women and men is to know them first.

If you want them to try to know you better, make an effort to know them first. Observe them closely and listen to them when they talk. Find out what are the things they like and ask them about what they think about the things you like. This way, you will have an idea what attracts him or her and at the same time, you will know if you two have things in common.

After knowing what they like, ask yourself if you possess the things that they like. If yes then you are lucky you have high hopes, if not, do not feel bad. Remember, not all couples are alike and sometimes, the opposite really do attract.

What you need to show them is the real you. Never ever try to be somebody else just for the sake of them liking you. This would never result in good things and you would just make a fool of yourself. Knowing that a person like you because of the fake actions you did is never a good feeling. You will only regret it and feel bad about him or her not being able to like you for who you really are.

Also keep in mind that rushing things is never a good idea. If someone is going to like you, they will, in time. No need for you to push and rush everything. Most of time, if you try to make things happen rather than letting it happen by itself results badly. You do not want them thinking you are desperate or aggressive so it is better to wait.

There is no easy way on how to attract women and men nor any trick that you can do. The best thing you can do if you want somebody to notice you or fall in love with you is try your hardest to show your inner and outer beauty and hope that it is what they are looking for.

You cannot make somebody like you and you most certainly cannot force them to love you. If that one person does not seem to see you like you the way you like them then you are better off without them. Move on and look for a better match.

All in all, we can never really tell how to attract women and men. What we can only do is be as genuine as we can be and hope that they notice that we are special. Good luck!
Dr Bill Catalano is the author of "how to attract men and women." So many people today are looking for information and everyone wants to know how they can find and create an everlasting, fulfilling relationship with the person of their dreams.

Just yesterday, I was speaking with a young lady who was fed up with all the role playing and wanted to know the secrets how to attract men and women, so she could get on with her life.
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Dating Beautiful People Can Be Challenging

So, you are in the hunt for somebody that will eventually turn into the person you want to live with for the rest of your life? If so, we wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of everlasting happiness. There are many different websites today that have some of the most beautiful women you have ever seen on them, that for some unexplained reason, still happen to be single.

All you have to do to meet them is simply join a site, and answer one of their personals ads. Who knows if they will respond or not, there are quite a few reasons they might not answer you back, and none of them should make you feel bad.

They might have already met somebody on the website, and are regularly dating them now. If so, then you should be happy for her, and wish her the very best of luck in the future with her new special relationship. On the other hand, they might be fed up at answering responses from losers, and not realize what they are missing out by not getting back to you immediately.

It also works the other way around when you join a site like this. You have the chance to create your own profile, and let all of the people that come to the site know all about you. You do not want to do this in a haphazard way either. You need to create a plan of attack, if you want a special person to respond to your profile.

Of course, it all starts with the picture, so make sure you use an excellent photo of yourself. By the way, do NOT under any circumstance use one that makes you look ten years younger than you actually are. If you do, you will be just setting yourself up for a major disappointment when you meet somebody that responds to your profile.

You need to clearly state what you are all about, detailing things about yourself, like your job, religion, personal traits, what you want out of a relationship, and anything else that you deem important about yourself. After all, if you want that beautiful someone to come calling soon, put your best foot forward and do not be shy about it either.

After you have that done, all you have to do is wait for the responses to come tumbling in. Of course, you do not just want to sit around and wait for people to find you, it is also important that you be aggressive and view the other new profiles that come in each day in the category that you want to meet.

Once you find one, sit down and carefully think out a clever and funny email to send them. Beautiful people are always being approached by people that want to get to know them, so you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd if you ever want to have a relationship with one of them.
Are you looking for that special someone? Are you ready to get into the Beautiful People Dating scene, but just don't know where to start? If so, I suggest you check out our Beautiful People Dating online at BeautifulPeopleDating.net - you'll be happy that you did.
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Why Buying Your Gaming Computer May Be Better Than Building

Building your own gaming computer may be cheaper and more rewarding, but there might be some pitfalls out there that builders fail to see. Here are four reasons why buying a high performance gaming computer from a company may be better idea than building one yourself.

1. You may not have the right knowledge
Building a computer may seem like a simple process. In essence, it's fitting several different parts into a shiny black box and turning it on. However for a first time builder, problems may arise that you won't necessary be able to fix yourself. Common problems that could occur include motherboard bios errors, incorrect cables fitting and problems when installing the operating system. These are problems that a system builder would come across every day, but they will have the knowledge to fix it themselves.

2. Warranty issues
When you buy a gaming computer or any electrical product from a shop, you always have the reassurance that you can always take the item back if something goes wrong. That may not be the case when buying and installing computer components yourself. Manufacturers warranties on computer components generally last between 1-2 year and claim back can be a nightmare. Ringing surround trying to send back your faulty graphics card may sound easy enough but trying to prove that there is something wrong with it over the phone can be a tricky game to play. If you were to buy a computer form a retailer, you can be rest assured that if any problems arise, you will always be able to send it back to them.

3. Buying the right components
With so many different brands and ranges on the market at the moment, it may seem daunting buying gaming computer components if you don't do your research. Different versions of graphics card, processors and motherboards come out every month, so buying the wrong one could make your new computer out of date already. Also prices fluctuate in the computer industry all of the time, so you know need to know when it is good or bad to start building your computer. Also selecting components that are all compatible together can also be difficult. A certain processor may not work with a mother board you just bought.

4. Quality of build
When you buy a computer from a retailer you can always expect to take it home turn it on work first time. However when you build your own gaming computer you run the risk of installing the components incorrectly and fail months down the line. For example, not applying enough thermal paste on the processor could lead to important parts burning up prematurely, wiring up the PSU incorrectly may cause short circuits. The build quality for each retailer ranges depending on how much your willing to spend, but you can reply on the product to leave the factory working
To conclude, building your own computer can be a more cost effective answer to buying a new computer, however you don't necessarily get the same reassurances and guaranties from building rather than buying from a retailer.
For more information on buying gaming computers please see http://www.jackalcomputers.co.uk/
Liam Miller
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