Japan and The National Delicacies

In Japan, the national delicacies are often very important and special to a family. Families will only cook these dishes for the most special holidays and events. Many times they are saved for weddings or other cultural celebration events.

Most of the Japanese delicacies involve seafood of some sort. One of the most interesting of the group is Fugu. This is the poisonous puffer fish that is often used in Japanese meals. Because the fish is so poisonous, there are only a number of chefs in the world who are allowed to sell and serve the fish. This is because they must remove the toxic parts of the fish first.

Sake kawa is another of the Japanese delicacies that you may want to try. It is actually salmon skin that is often tossed aside by other countries in their traditional meals. However, in Japan it is considered a delicacy and is often fried and used in egg rolls or seafood rolls.

Odori Ebi is a Japanese delicacy that only the toughest people can handle. It is actually live prawns. The prawns are usually used in a sushi of sorts. They are often dunked in sake so the prawns will be a little sedated, but they are very much alive and will move around as you eat them.

These delicacies of Japan might seem a little unfamiliar and different to those of different countries however they are very much loved in Japan. They are usually quite expensive and only used in the most important meals of the culture.
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