Top 10 Android Apps You Can't Live Without

There are tens of thousands of Android applications available in the marketplace so choosing just 10 of the best apps is a very difficult job. However, we've gone through hundreds of different apps and compiled these top 10 Android apps that you can't live without.

Handcent SMS
The default Android messaging app is ok, but Handcent SMS is better. Way better. You can customize the layout of your messages, view the messages in conversation format, password protect your messages and spell check messages before you send it. This should be the first app that you install!

Just like the Android messaging app, the keyboard app is also ok, but BetterKeyboard lives up to its name by being miles better. With true multi-touch ability, proximity correction and a number of skins available; once you go Better you'll never go back.

Snap Photo Pro
Sack the default Android camera app and splash out 99 cents on this little beauty. Snap Photo Pro lets you take multiple shots at a click of a button which is great for catching natural expressions, a digital stabilizer which is useful if you have shaky hands, a digital zoom and there are multiple digital filters you can apply to the photo.

When it comes to pimping out your Android a unique ringtone is essential. RingDroid will let you edit MP3 files and slice out that catchy chorus or the really cool intro. Eye of the Tiger intro anyone?

Launcher Pro
The ultimate dashboard management app. Launcher Pro gives you 7 home screens to fill up with widgets and customize to your delight. It has super smooth scrolling between screens and can even handle 3D graphics for that extra cool look.

Norton Mobile Security
It's a scary world out there folks but Norton acts like your personal body guard defending your phone from intrusions and malware. It can even remotely disable and delete data if you ever have your phone stolen so those filthy thieves can't extract any personal data from it.

Angry Birds
We know that everyone is going crazy about Angry Birds and there is a good reason for it! This very simple game will draw you in and before you know it your morning commute won't last nearly long enough as you play the ever harder levels to defeat the greedy piggies.

Amazon Kindle
Get Amazon's Kindle without buying a Kindle. This app will let you read thousands of free ebooks right on your Android phone. Perfect for when you need a breather from Angry Birds.

Google Maps with Navigation
Download this app and you'll wonder how you ever survived without it. You can giveaway your Tom Tom because everything you need is now in this free app. Simply key in or say where you want to go and it will find the best direction for you to take.

Take control of your finances with this pocket sized financial tracker. You can keep tabs on all your checking, savings and credit accounts and find out just why you seem to have no money left at the end of each month. Invaluable if you find yourself overspending all the time.

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