"Twilight" Book Review

Twilight is a wonderfully imaginative and believable fiction novel written by author Stephenie Meyer. Bella, a teenage girl hailing from Phoenix, makes the decision to leave her beloved home town and all of her friends. She heroically sacrifices her happiness for that of her mother, because her new and adored step-father Phil, is a professional baseball player. She moves to a town called Forks, on the dreary Olympic Peninsula to live with her father, Charlie, so that her mother can be free to travel with her new husband Phil.

The town of Forks is where the story truly begins. As it unfolds, we find Bella being highly agitated, annoyed and frustrated , but also extremely attracted and curious about the mysterious Edward Cullen, who attends her new high school. There is something strangely curious about Edward and his four other siblings. They are all remarkably beautiful. They always sit alone in the cafeteria, and never eat or drink anything. His hands are so cold, and his eyes dramatically change color.

Edward warns Bella that it is not safe for her to be around him, but does not heed his own warning. Edward realizes that the intensity of their passion could drive him over the edge and put Bella's life in danger. He lusts for her blood because he is a vampire! They share an irresistible attraction for each other, and cannot keep apart from each other, despite the danger. It is through this dangerously necessary relationship that Bella and Edward fall in love. She learns Edwards family guarded secret. They are all vampires! Despite the blood-lust that Bella arouses, she is safe with Edward and his family not only because of Edwards love for her, but because the family patriarch has sworn the family to renounce human prey.

Edward and his family become entwined in a desperate struggle to protect and preserve the life of the fragile human Bella, when a group of rogue tracker vampires fixate on her. They will do anything to taste her blood, and will stop at nothing until they have her.

Will Edward and the members of his family be able to control the instinct aroused within them? Will they be able to save Bella from the rogues?

This novel is highly suggested with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you enjoy reading Harry Potter, you will enjoy the imaginative brilliance of Stephenie Meyers' Twilight . It is a fantastic read that is hard to put down once you start!
By: Lily Andrews
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