How To Attract Women and Men

Many of you would like to know the answer to the question, how to attract women and men. Do you think that there are really steps on how to do this? Well, you are wrong. Besides being good looking and nice, we can never really tell how we can easily attract a certain someone.

What you must understand is that each and every one has their own taste in people. Others love good girls while some loves bad boys. The only thing that you can do to figure out how to attract women and men is to know them first.

If you want them to try to know you better, make an effort to know them first. Observe them closely and listen to them when they talk. Find out what are the things they like and ask them about what they think about the things you like. This way, you will have an idea what attracts him or her and at the same time, you will know if you two have things in common.

After knowing what they like, ask yourself if you possess the things that they like. If yes then you are lucky you have high hopes, if not, do not feel bad. Remember, not all couples are alike and sometimes, the opposite really do attract.

What you need to show them is the real you. Never ever try to be somebody else just for the sake of them liking you. This would never result in good things and you would just make a fool of yourself. Knowing that a person like you because of the fake actions you did is never a good feeling. You will only regret it and feel bad about him or her not being able to like you for who you really are.

Also keep in mind that rushing things is never a good idea. If someone is going to like you, they will, in time. No need for you to push and rush everything. Most of time, if you try to make things happen rather than letting it happen by itself results badly. You do not want them thinking you are desperate or aggressive so it is better to wait.

There is no easy way on how to attract women and men nor any trick that you can do. The best thing you can do if you want somebody to notice you or fall in love with you is try your hardest to show your inner and outer beauty and hope that it is what they are looking for.

You cannot make somebody like you and you most certainly cannot force them to love you. If that one person does not seem to see you like you the way you like them then you are better off without them. Move on and look for a better match.

All in all, we can never really tell how to attract women and men. What we can only do is be as genuine as we can be and hope that they notice that we are special. Good luck!
Dr Bill Catalano is the author of "how to attract men and women." So many people today are looking for information and everyone wants to know how they can find and create an everlasting, fulfilling relationship with the person of their dreams.

Just yesterday, I was speaking with a young lady who was fed up with all the role playing and wanted to know the secrets how to attract men and women, so she could get on with her life.
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