Elegant notepad

Elegant notepad is an elegant, efficient and easy way to keep notes on your phone. 

  With Elegant notepad, you haven’t to write down notes in a paper and carry it around with you forever!

Features & Utilities:

* Create, edit, delete notes
* Search notes by date
* Make marks on specific notes
* Elegant
* Easy to use

How to use:

1. Create a new document:
    Click "CREATE" button of main page.

2. Read a Document:
    Click a document of document list.

3. Edit/Delete a doucument:
    Long click a document of document list.

4. Search all documents or search documents by date:     Click "MONTH/TOTAL" button of main page.

5. Search all/marked documents:
    Click "MARK" button of main page.

6. Reset Database:
    Click the menu button of your android phone, choose "Reset Database".

Free Download Elegant notepad: