Epic Task Killer

There are many types of task killer apps on the market, but them usually consume high CPU and memory resource by themselves. Epic Task Killer is the new generation of system management technology, it is very efficient and only consume very low CPU and memory resource. If you often feel your phone runs slowly or battery is exhausted soon, you should install Epic Task Killer.

The main advantages of Advanced Task Killer+:

* High efficiency
* very low CPU and memory resource usage
* Speed up your phone
* Save battery
* Frequency Option (Free)
* Security Option (Free)
* Ignore list
* Auto-Task killer with 2 levels
* Easy to use
* Epic

App states:

Killable: able to be killed by auto-task kill service
UnKillable: unable to be killed by auto-task service

How to use:

1. Kill apps:
    Select apps and click "Kill Apps" button.

2. Auto-Level:
   *Middle: for general usage
   *High: for game playing or high  efficacy app running

3. Refresh running apps:
    Click "Refresh" button.

4. View app information/execute app:
    Click a app of the running app list

Free Download: